Tilly Likes Nail Wraps are the way to fabulous nails fast. Have you ever been halfway through painting your nails, only to be disrupted by a phone call, a knock at the door or a child or pet needing your instant attention? You look in dismay at your wet nails knowing they are about to be ruined!  The joy of Tilly Likes Nail Wraps is that there is no drying time.  The nail polish sticker is applied straight on to your nail, the excess is filed away and you are done.  You can stop part way through to answer the door, talk on the phone or fetch a snack without ruining anything.  You can just pick up straight where you left off.

Nail Wraps give you a salon look without the price tag and without needing to leave the house. Choose from gorgeous solid colours, beautiful patterns and designs and striking sparkles.  We stock wraps for toes as well as who doesn't love a fabulous pedicure.  Tilly Likes Kids Nail Wraps are also very popular.  They come in a smaller size and there are 9 sizes included in a pack.  They come in cute designs that girls and boys love.  Keep an eye out at Easter and Christmas as the Kids Seasonal wraps are always a hit.

Nail Wraps are a great alternative to nail polishes and gels as they won't harm your nails. Each pack contains 2 each of 8 different sizes (9 for kids) so they are great for nails of all different lengths and shapes!  Without too much wear and tear they should last 7-10 days.  A coat of cleat top coat can assist in providing a longer lasting finish.