Fabulous Nails at Home

Want Salon worthy nails without the time and price tag? Try Nail Wraps! The fast and safe alternative to nail polishes and gels. Nail Wrap Stickers are 100% Nail Polish and stick straight on to your nail. No glues or extra stickers required.

Just Stick, File, Go!

Tilly Likes Nail Wraps

Tilly Likes Nail Wraps are the fun new way of getting fabulous nails fast.  Nail Wraps are nail polish stickers applied straight on to your nail.  No need for harmful glues or trips to the
nail salon.  These DIY nail wraps come in a beautiful variety of solid
colours, fun patterns and striking sparkles. There is no drying time, so they can be applied last minute as you rush out the door. Nail Polish Wraps usually last 7-10 days and a coat of clear top coat applied over the wrap can extend this time.  Easy to remove with just a quick soak in some warm water, these nail wraps will not harm your nails. 
The Nail wraps come in 8 different sizes so you are sure to find the
size that fits your nail best.

  • Solid Nail Wraps

    Keep it simple and stunning with these solid coloured nail wraps. Choose from pinks, nudes, greens, purples and more!

  • Patterned Nail Wraps

    Love some leopard print? Or is a delicate flower more your style? So many gorgeous designs to choose from.

  • Sparkle Nail Wraps

    Bling up your nails with our collection of glitter nail wraps. From subtle sparkle to full on glam!

  • Kids Nail Wraps

    As Nail Wraps are just nail polish stickers, they are safe for little hands so don't let your little ones miss out on fabulous nails. Cute and fun patterns to select from.

Other Featured Collections

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And don't forget, it's not just your finger nails that can be gorgeous. Check out our collection of Toenail Wraps. Like the fingernail wraps, they are nail polish stickers that stick straight on to your toenails.